Just minu mõte, härra Hani! It is all ridiculousl…

Just minu mõte, härra Hani!

It is all ridiculously enjoyable, because the smirking and the quips and the gadgets have been cut back – and the emotion and wholesome sado-masochism have been pumped up. My only regret is that the classic Barry theme tune is saved for the closing credits. Mr Craig brings off cinema’s most preposterous role with insouciant grit: I hope he doesn’t quit too soon. I’d like see the next few films tackle 007’s off-duty life more: his hangovers, his money worries. Daniel Craig could make it work. For the first time in ages, I am actually looking forward to the next James Bond movie. (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian)

“Dannieeel … (inisen Elton Johni viisil).” Mis te arvate, kelle pilt mul nüüd MSNis on? Ja mis riietuses? Eh, hea on olla vanamoor ja kena kalki liha kaugelt imetella. Mu magamistoa seinad on mentaalseid plakateid täis. Mul on mentaalne pinal mentaalse kustukaga, mida kaunistavad Danieli trii-, bii- ja muutsepsid. Kuidas, oo, kuidas küll elada järgmise Bondi-filmini?

Vastus: lõpeta mölin, sa kiimane eit, ja asu töö kallale. Varsti on nagunii “Friends”.


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