Briti poeetidel paluti kaasaegset lasteluulet kirj…

Briti poeetidel paluti kaasaegset lasteluulet kirjutada. Riäliti straigib ikka karmilt, aga naljakas on kah. Teisi näiteid siit.

The Manby
Andrew Motion

Mother! Mother! Why’s that man
Behind us on the bus?
Sssh my darling, look away
And he won’t look at us.

Mother! Mother! Why’s his face
So angry and so cold?
Sssh my darling, never mind
And do as you are told.

Mother! Mother! Why’s that clock
Tick-tocking on his chest?
Sssh my darling, take my hand
It’s just the way he’s dressed.

Mother! Mother! Why’s the world
No longer passing by?
Sssh my darling, come with me
It’s time we said good-bye.


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